Want To Save Money On Your Storage Fees? Start By Reducing What You Plan To Store

Storage units often contain valuable or needed items. Use the information in this blog to make sure they stay safe and accessible.

Want To Save Money On Your Storage Fees? Start By Reducing What You Plan To Store

Want To Save Money On Your Storage Fees? Start By Reducing What You Plan To Store

8 January 2016
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A unit at a self-storage facility provides the customer with a dedicated area to store seasonal items and seldom-used possessions. If you're considering renting some space at a facility near your home, don't make the mistake of transporting things to the unit that you'll never use again. Sure, it's often difficult to part with your items that hold special sentimental value, but there's no point in having them force you to rent a larger storage unit and, as a result, spend more money on your storage fees. If you can't bring yourself to simply throw away some of your possessions, here are three worthwhile ways to get rid of them.

Donating To Charitable Organizations

One of the best ways you can part with your possessions to help you store less in your storage unit is to find charitable organizations in your community and see what they're currently accepting. Many charities have stores that accept household items, clothing, and electronics and sell them to raise funds, while others will distribute your donations directly to those in need. Not only does it feel satisfying to help people in this manner, but many organizations will also provide you with a tax receipt for your donations that will come in handy at tax time.

Lending To Family And Acquaintances

For the items that you can't bear to part with, lending them can be an ideal strategy. Think of the items that you'd ideally like to avoid storing and select a handful that could benefit your family or acquaintances. For example, a teenager moving away to college and setting up his or her first apartment can often use hand-me-down furniture such as a bookcase, desk or table. Provided that you know the person will take good care of your item and return it to you in its original condition, lending it out can benefit you in terms of your storage space but also help someone else who needs to furnish an apartment.

Checking With Organizations Close To Your Heart

Think of organizations in your community that you wish to support and call to determine if any of these groups can benefit from your items. A church might be able to use a variety of old kitchenware, provided it's in adequate condition, while a youth center could use some bookcases or your old pool table that would otherwise take up significant space in a storage unit. A center for battered women, meanwhile, might be able to use some of your old clothing or items such as towels and bedding.

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