Moving Your Music Collection To A New Location

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Moving Your Music Collection To A New Location

Moving Your Music Collection To A New Location

9 January 2016
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If you are planning on moving from one home to another, and you own an extensive music collection, you will want to take the necessary steps in ensuring its safety while in transit. Since music is transposed onto vinyl, tape, disc, or digitally, each method needs its own protective packing method. Here are some tips to use to keep your musical collection intact as it makes its way to a new home.

Vinyl Records

Since vinyl records are no longer being manufactured, it is very important to package them correctly to ensure they do not become cracked or scratched in transit. Keep records in their original rigid cardboard sleeves if possible. If you no longer have a sleeve for a record, you can purchase acid-free plastic sleeves from a record dealer or online. Place records vertically in a plastic storage container. This will help keep the weight of other items in a moving truck from crushing the records, possibly warping them as a result. If there is extra space in the container, use packing peanuts to fill the void. Put a label on the container indicating that the contents are fragile so heavy items are not stacked on top of it.

Cassettes And Compact Discs

Place any cassettes or compact discs in their appropriate plastic cases if possible. You can buy empty cases in a home goods or electronics store if necessary. Avoid using thin flexible cases for compact discs as they will not provide enough protection from breakage of the contents. Special compact disc or cassette tape storage containers can be used to hold these items. These have separate compartments for each CD or tape, giving it its own protective cushioning. These usually come in the form of zippered bags or wooden drawers. If you do not have these available, you can arrange your music inside a plastic storage container. Use packing peanuts to fill any spaces in the container for extra security.

Digital Media

Many people have music stored digitally on laptops, cellular phones, or tablets. These digital files should be backed up to a cloud-based program online to help keep them from getting damaged or lost from the electronic device on which they are stored. Another copy of each musical file can be backed up to an external hard drive or USB stick. These can be kept off the moving truck and carried to the new home in a briefcase, purse, or backpack in your own vehicle. This will ensure you have a few copies of your music files available should something happen to your electronics while they are in transit.

Contact your local in state moving companies or long distance moving companies for more information about keeping your things safe during a move.

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