Three Things You Can Do To Reduce Stress Before And After A Long-Distance Move

Storage units often contain valuable or needed items. Use the information in this blog to make sure they stay safe and accessible.

Three Things You Can Do To Reduce Stress Before And After A Long-Distance Move

Three Things You Can Do To Reduce Stress Before And After A Long-Distance Move

13 January 2016
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A long-distance move can be very stressful, but with proper preparation, much of the stress can be eliminated. The following are three tips to make your move easier on yourself and family members making the move with you.

Throw out or donate unneeded items

If you haven't moved in a long time, you will be surprised at how much junk you have accumulated. The more items you can get rid of, the easier it will be to move. You may want to try and sell some of the things with high value, but anything that still has useful purpose can be donated to a local thrift store. This includes large appliances. Some local thrift stores will offer a pick-up service for the larger items. If it is something of little value to someone, just throw it away. Less things to move means less stress.

Pack your own items

Although there are packing services available, if you take the time to pack your own stuff, you will feel more confident that the fragile items will arrive safely. If time is an issue, you can hire someone to do most of the packing, but pack the items you're concerned about yourself. Although many discount retail stores have a selection of packing materials, often the best place to get the supplies you need for your move can be found at a local storage facility.

Take inventory and label everything

Once you arrive at your new home, there will be a stressful period as you adjust to your new life. It takes time to unpack, and it is common to live out of boxes for a few days. You should expect this to happen, because there will be other demands for your time besides unpacking your household items. For this reason, you need to carefully label each box before your movers arrive, and record its contents. Although many people do this, you need to avoid a general word or phrase such as kitchen stuff. Be specific about the contents. The best idea is to label the boxes with a number as well as a word and a general description. You can record the specifics on a separate sheet of paper. When you need something specific in your new home, you will know exactly what box it is in, and this will make your new life less stressful.

The key to to reducing stress during before and after your move is in the planning stage. If you take some time to follow the three ideas listed above, you will make your long- distance move easier on yourself and everyone else in your family. Have a peek at this site for more tips and information.

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