2 Ways To Find A Better Storage Unit

Storage units often contain valuable or needed items. Use the information in this blog to make sure they stay safe and accessible.

2 Ways To Find A Better Storage Unit

2 Ways To Find A Better Storage Unit

15 January 2016
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If you are like most people looking for a storage unit, your two main concerns might be the location of the facility and the monthly price of your unit. However, while these aspects of storage unit rentals are important, they aren't the only factors that can affect your overall experience. Here are two ways to find a better storage unit, so that you can stay safe, organized, and happy:

1: Visit The Facility At Night

If you will be visiting that storage unit after you get off of work in the evening, finding the right unit during the day doesn't make much sense. After all, daytime visits won't tell you much about how well-lit the facility is at night, what kind of people hang out in the facility after hours, or how available staff is when you will actually need them. To get a better feel for your potential storage unit, visit the business when you would most likely be using the facility on a day-to-day basis.

As you look for a unit, pay attention to facility lighting, and look for a space that is near overhead lighting. In addition to making it easier to find your storage unit keys or secure that door hasp, a well-lit unit might also fend off potential thieves. After all, who wants to rob the one unit directly under a bright lamp? As you look around for a unit, pay attention to burned-out lamps and ask facility managers how they handle maintenance requests. If they have an in-house staff that attends to lighting and facility issues, your unit is more likely to stay in decent shape.

Also, look for a unit that has built-in lighting inside of the space. Being able to flip on a switch at night might make it easier to organize your things after work or find the boxes that you need.

2: Ask About Built-In Lofts or Shelves

Sometimes when people rent storage units, they decide to upgrade their spaces by adding things like wooden storage lofts, shelves, or metal hooks. These additions can make it easier to take advantage of vertical space, keep storage boxes organized, or to hang large items like bicycles. While some storage facilities ask these patrons to remove their additions before they move out, others leave these structures intact to benefit other people in the future. However, unless you ask about these types of units, storage managers will likely assume that you want a unit that is free and clear of any potential obstacles.

Before you look at storage units, ask facility managers if they have spaces with these built-in additions. While some facilities may charge more for these units, others charge less, since the unit is "abnormal." However, those shelves or upper loft might make it easier for you to keep your space clean and tidy during the duration of your storage experience.  

By knowing what to look for in a storage unit, you might be able to fend off trouble and enjoy your storage experience. For more information on storage units, visit a facility today.   

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