6 Tips To Make Your Winter Interstate Move Go More Smoothly

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6 Tips To Make Your Winter Interstate Move Go More Smoothly

6 Tips To Make Your Winter Interstate Move Go More Smoothly

18 January 2016
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If you are planning on making a long distance move this winter, here are a few tips to make the moving process go a little smoother for you.

Plan Your Route Out In Advance

Figure out what route that you want to take before your moving day. As your moving day approaches, keep an eye on road and highway closures due to inclement weather, and make sure that your original route still works. If it doesn't, see if there is alternative route you can take or if you can wait a few days for the roads to clear before making the drive.

Get Your Vehicle Ready For A Winter Road Trip

In the week leading up to your move, take your vehicle to your mechanic and make sure it is up for a winter road trip. Have all your fluids checked and topped off. Purchase some extra anti-freeze, washer fluid, and a container of gas to keep with you in case of a winter road emergency.

Make sure that you have chains in your vehicle for snowy passes. Pack a pair of jumper cables and a tow rope for emergencies. Be sure to also put some blankets, gloves, coats, scarves, hats, water and snacks in your car so your safe and taken care of if you get stuck in a winter weather related traffic jam or your vehicle brakes down.

Try to only keep the things you need for your drive in your vehicle; don't pack it up with boxes. Keep the boxes in the moving truck. 

Get Your Emergency Numbers Together

Make sure that you have numbers for roadside assistance in all the areas that you will be traveling through. Make sure that you also have the numbers for the local highway patrol as well. Find out what radio stations will provide you with traffic and weather reports all along your route. Cell phone service can be spotty on the open road, especially in inclement winter weather, which is why you should have this information on hand instead of relying on getting an internet connection when you need assistance. 

Also, look up a few places you can stop along the way if the weather gets bad or you are too tired to keep driving. 

Be Prepared To Be Flexible With The Weather

Keep your eye on the weather reports as you get ready to move; winter weather can change quickly, which means your plans may need to change quickly as well. 

For example, if a big storm is coming in the evening you planned move and start your long-distance drive, you may want to see if the movers can come a day early or if they can start earlier in the day so you will not be on the road when the storm hits. 

Clear Your Driveway

On the day of your move, be sure to clear all walkways that your movers will be using. Keep shovels, snowblowers and de-icing agent nearby so you can clear the walkways again if they get snowy or icy during the move. Just throw these supplies into your moving truck when everything is packed up. 

Keep Warm

Finally, make sure that you dress warmly for your move and keep out some extra scarves, hats, gloves and socks for anyone who is helping you move. You want to be able to keep everyone safe and warm while they help you out.

Additionally, keep some hot drinks on hand as well for yourself and your interstate movers so you all can stay warm while moving all your belongings into the moving truck. 

If you follow all six tips above, you should be able to safely move out of your old home and get to your new home safely and with as little worry as possible. 

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