Proper Shipping Box Use

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Proper Shipping Box Use

Proper Shipping Box Use

20 January 2016
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Trying to choose the right sized shipping box and sealing it off properly is a tricky prospect for many first-time shippers. That's why you need to take a few minutes to acclimate yourself to this simple process.

Use Corrugated Packaging

When you're deciding on the type of box you want to ship with (click for more info), consider corrugated cardboard. These lightweight boxes are inexpensive, easy to use, come in multiple shapes, and are fairly strong. They are also accepted by most shipping companies, making them a popular choice for many companies. 

To add a little strength to your box, try inserting cardboard or paper inserts alongside the sides of your object. These will help support the top and bottom of the box and make your boxes more sturdy when being shipped. Inserts are usually available at most shipping stores.

Staying Withing Shipping Weight Limits

Each shipping company has weight and length limits that garner what they can or can't ship. For example, the UPS allows boxes to be:

  • 108 inches in length
  • 150 pounds in weight

So make sure you weigh your object before shipping and make sure that the combined weight of the object and the box (about two to five pounds) does not exceed that maximum. You also need to make sure the box will be big enough by utilizing the following formula: 

  • Measure the length and round to the nearest inch
  • Multiple the width and the height by two
  • Add the results of those two numbers to get your girth
  • Finally, add the length and girth for your final measurement

Performing this activity helps you avoid buying a box that's too large for your item. While that won't impact the item during shipping, it can add a little extra money, which can add up if you're shipping multiple items.

Seal With A Tape Gun

Last, but not least, comes sealing your box. While it's possible to seal it with tape by hand, sealing it with a tape gun helps ensure that it stays sealed. It also makes the job a lot quicker: instead of struggling with tape and getting it stuck all over everything, you can seal the top, sides, and bottom in a matter of seconds.

Operating a tape gun is very simple: all it requires is loading the gun with tape, placing one end of the tape about half an inch down the side of the box, and pulling the gun up the open seam of the box. The tape should stick down easily to the box, at which point you can use the knife edge to cut off the tape and finish the job.

By following these simple tips, you should run into no trouble shipping your box. It should arrive without suffering from any damage and shouldn't cost you any excessive amount of money.

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